Ecommerce websites are now available

We now offer ecommerce (shop) websites to sell both physical and digital products. There are two different system that we can employ to provide this for you.

This is best for small shops of up to 50 items,
Card payments,
Order management system,
Product database.

Webflow Ecommerce
Available for larger shops,
Card payments,
Order management,
Product database,
A page to show each product in fine detail.


Due to the current situation we are currently following Government guidelines and suspending face to face operations until such time as we are advised that it is safe to resume. I continue working from home using the Internet.

New Logo

We have recently updated our branding. The new logo is shown below. Would you like to have something like this done for your logo and business name? The logo has been made then rendered using a ray-tracer software to follow the light beams and make the glass effect as seen on the homepage. It was saved as a video file.