New 2022 Pricing

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New 2022 Pricing

Published on:
October 16, 2022
Jamie McBain
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How much are our services?

Our New - Very Competitive - 2022 Pricing Scheme

Website Design and Development £450 / page

A full website design and website development service by Pennine Website Development - This is a one-off fee for website building.

Content Management Systems can be included. (Please see hosting costs below).

Website fully made and tested using Webflow development system.

Domain Name about £60 / year

Choose a new domain name or have your legacy domain name transferred to Pennine.

‍‍Full domain name management service

Choose your domain type:, .com, .org, .info, .net, .me etc.

Hosting from £420 / year

Fast and reliable Amazon Web Service Hosting including SSL Security Certificate.

Standard Hosting - up to 25,000 monthly visits £420 per year

Hosting with a Content Management System - up to 100,000 monthly visits £600 per year

High Traffic Website with up to 500,000 monthly visits £750 per year

Ecommerce Website - for new businesses £860 per year

Ecommerce Website - for higher volumes £1700 per year

Business Email Accounts to go with your domain name from £190 / year

10 GB email storage - £190 per year

50 GB email storage - £270 per year

Have an email account that reflects your domain name such as:

Full Website Maintenance Contracts from £480 / year

Have your website kept up-to-date by email.

I can service your website to keep all of your information current - from your instructions. Small updates are free.

Maintenance contracts cost from £40 per month.

Search Engine Optimisation

All websites have SEO as standard but these services will improve your search engine position even more.

‍‍Link Building

A full link building service is available from. This is local area link building to promote your website near to where your business is physically located. £340 for 25 specially selected listings.

Professional SEO

Have your website optimised professionally to rank higher on search engines like Google using researched keywords and other content. £600

Other Services Available‍

Website Redesigns and Rebuilds

Logo Design

Social Media Setup and Provision

Search Engine Optimisation

Graphic Design

Business Card Design and Printing

Stock Image and Graphic Provision

eCommerce - available soon


A 50% deposit is required on first year of website costs including the build.

Pricing is subject to adjustment.

Cheques should be made payable to J.E. McBain.

Bank details for fee transfers available on request.

All payments should be made in full yearly in advance.

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