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The Emergence of Pennine Website Designs

The Emergence of Pennine Website Designs

Pennine Websites

Many years ago, I was asked if I could provide a website fora local parish council and I replied yes – not knowing what I was going to begetting into. I bought a product made by Serif called WebPlus which was a visual website design program, it did not provide mobile friendly websites like all of our new websites, but enabled me to make websites without having to do complex coding. Serif are now a large company and offer Adobe beating software such as Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher. Even now I often use visual design software (currently I am using the excellent Webflow).

I was then projected into making some websites for local organisations such as the local, Teesdale ‘Birds and Farm Landscape Project’which has now sadly finished operating. After making several websites for Parish Councils and doing all of the updating for them I realised the need for integrating content management systems into websites – it would save me a lot of work adding documents etc.

I am now providing websites as a business and can make anything form an online shop up to large websites covering many pages such as moorsbus.org.

Where the journey from here will lead to nobody knows! But you could be part of the future of Pennine Websites and the Internet if you get in touch about your new website development project today!

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