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Website Designer from Teesdale

Published on:
February 14, 2023
Jamie McBain
Pennine Website Development
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Website Designer from Teesdale

I am an expert freelance website provider located in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, UK. I develop brilliant websites, through thoughtful design and implementation.

There are several reasons why you should use Pennine Website Development:

Time: Building a website can be time-consuming, especially if you are not familiar with web development technologies. I can handle the technical aspects of building and running a website, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Expertise: I have the skills and experience needed to create professional-looking websites. I can help you choose the right layout, design elements, and features to make your website effective.

Design and Development: I can make your website to your specific needs and preferences and help you choose the right colours, fonts, and images to match your brand, and add features like contact forms, e-commerce functionality, and social media integration.

Maintenance: Once your website is live, you will need to keep it up to date and make sure it is running smoothly. Pennine Websites can handle ongoing maintenance tasks and make updates as needed.

Overall, using Pennine Website Development can save you time, ensure that your website is of high quality, and give you the customised features you need to succeed online.

Pennine Website Development offer a full service and provide everything you will need.

I am skilled at Website Design, Website Development and Website Maintenance and can provide Updates and Improvements when required.

I provide scalable websites using Webflow and Relume development systems.

I aim to assist you in connecting with customers and enhance the way in which your business operates.

Jamie McBain

"Jamie provides an excellent service, prompt and efficient responses and incredible knowledge."


Scabba Wath Caravan Park

"Jamie is one of the top guys for designing websites in the North East. The website he did for me is top notch and easy to use. A good guy to know in these difficult times."


Antique GPO Telephones

"Website changes and updates are always completed promptly,  which makes using the site with social media so much easier. We are very happy with our website, which attracts complements every year."



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