May 6, 2022

The Website Development Process

James Edward McBain BSc

Website Development

Step 1. Information Gathering

- Set goals for the website
- Define website's target audience

Step 2. Planning

- Create a sitemap sketch
- Create a wireframe/mock-up
- Select technology stack (plugins, frameworks, maybe templates, CMS)
- Choose colours scheme and overall style

Step 3. Design

- Create page layouts
- Review the layouts
- Get client's feedback on the layouts
- Change the layout when required

Step 4. Content Writing and Assembly

- Create new content including logo, illustrations pictures and text
- Get content ready for migration

Step 5. Creating

- Build and deploy website
- Add special features and interactivity
- SEO for the website

Step 6. Testing, Review and Launch

- Test the created website on private server
- Upload the website to final server
- Final (regression) testing and launch
- Teach client how to use the CMS

Step 7. Maintenance and Regular Updating

- Add user report system
- Fix bugs asap
- Keep website up-to-date
- Full product support

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