September 25, 2021

Why do we use Webflow?

James Edward McBain BSc

Why do we use Webflow?

‍Webflow is used on all new projects.

Webflow is a website development program that lets website developers make websites without having to code and supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript creation. Because there is no need to code, websites need far less time to complete and are less expensive. They are also more reliable, often faster and can have better design.

Some main features are listed here:

+  Responsive - Mobile friendly websites for a wide range of screen sizes

+  Everything you will need is possible

+  Content Management Systems - you can update your website from your computer

+  On-site editing for text and data such as catalogues

+  Scalable and fast AWS worldwide hosting

+  Integration of external plugins

+  Colour schemes to match your business branding

+  Web fonts - nearly 2000 Google fonts to choose from

 +  Website templates or frameworks can be used if required

+  Google maps

+  Video - native, background, and YouTube.

+  Lightboxes

+  Accessible websites

+  CSS grid framework

+  Site password protection

+  Mail Chimp integration

+  Forms

+  Domain names & email accounts

+  Instantaneous updates

+  Excellent Support

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