The main stages that we go through to create your website

Project Definition

  • Reasons of sites existence

  • Main goals and objectives

  • Target audience

  • Competitors

  • Key messages

  • Create project summary

Website Design

  • Wireframes and Site Architecture

  • Creating the sitemap

  • Detailed view of the content

  • Visual brand of the organisation

  • Visual Design

Website Development

  • Approve Design

  • Fleshing out of pages

  • Develop content and media

  • Build website in Webflow

Testing and Optimisation

  • Site Testing

  • Reviewed on multiple browsers

  • Tested on multiple devices (laptops, tablets, and mobile)

  • Launch

  • The Internet can change on a daily, if not hourly basis so updates to your website will be required.


  • Websites live and breath and need constant care and maintenance

  • We offer maintenance contracts

  • Updating content

  • Making changes to the backend

  • Fixing things like broken links

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