Content Management System

Pennine Websites Provide Webflow CMS Websites

Webflow’s content management system (CMS)

Edit your own website with collection lists and dynamic content

With Webflow CMS, you can update and add content to your website without relying on developers.

It is possible to click on elements within the website and add or alter text and photos, and also edit content such as blogs, catalogues, events lists, services and features.

Say goodbye to clunky, disconnected dashboards. Webflow CMS lets editors write, edit, and update content right on the live website. Publishing is as simple as clicking a button.

Webflow’s CMS strikes a balance between design flexibility and content management, making it a powerful tool for creating content-driven websites without the need for extensive database management.

You will need to let me know if you would like to include a CMS in your new website.

Explanation of Webflow CMS for clients

More About Webflow

Webflow is a powerful platform that combines web design, content management, and hosting.
Some of its key features:

Visual Website Builder: Webflow offers a drag-and-drop interface for designing websites without requiring any coding knowledge. You can create visually appealing layouts and customise your site elements easily.

Integrated CMS: Webflow includes a built-in content management system (CMS) that allows you to manage and publish content effortlessly. Whether you’re adding blog posts, product listings, or other dynamic content, the CMS streamlines the process.

Responsive Design: Webflow automatically ensures that your websites are mobile-responsive. This means your site will look great and function well on various devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Customisation: With Webflow, you have full creative freedom. You can customise every aspect of your site, from layout and typography to interactions and animations. Plus, you can add custom code when needed.

Global Swatches: Define key colours as global swatches, so every instance of that colour updates whenever you make changes. It’s like Symbols but for colours.

Responsive Images: Webflow automatically scales and optimises inline images for every device size and resolution.

Reusable and Editable Symbols: Turn repeating design elements (like buttons) into Symbols that you can place with a click. If you need to make a change, just edit the Symbol once, and it’ll update across your entire site.

SEO-Friendly: Webflow provides built-in SEO settings, helping you optimize your site for search engines.

Collaboration: Webflow enables easy collaboration among designers, developers, and editors.

Security: Webflow ensures military-grade security for your website.

These are just some of the features. Webflow continues to evolve, offering consistent updates and enhancements to empower creators and businesses online.

If you’re looking for a versatile website that combines design flexibility with content management capabilities, a Webflow website from Pennine Websites is definitely worth exploring!

Webflow CMS System